Greetings Superheroes!

If you can see the almost indistinguishably green glow from your computer screen, please don’t be alarmed… you are reading the Kryptonite Special, a blog entry so powerful, so potentially devastating, you just might end up melting into a glob of ineffective procrastination. Or perhaps you’ll suddenly find yourself gnawing through the strap of your laptop bag as you manage seven simultaneous Dungeons & Dragons logins. Or…. Well, yes you are the only one who knows what your Kryptonite is…

The question is: Do you have the courage to face it?

Historically, the most well-known of all Superheroes is Superman. And the most well-known of all kryptonites is, well.. Kryptonite. Superman, the man of steel! The extraordinary baby boy who fell to Earth from Krypton, and began one of the most relevant human experiences of all time. A baby who grew into a man. A man who also happens to have the most well-known psychosis of all time! Superman! Felled by Kryptonite!

I mean, talk about therapy bills! Superman’s issues are so realistic, the whole world pays attention. When he faces his issues, his “Kryptonite”, Superman surrenders completely. He gives up all strength. He is suddenly powerless.

These are huge psychosis issues. When Superman gets on the couch, there is no turning back.. He’s going deep, and this particular patient has the ability to take whole cities with him! Easy on that venting, Oh Man Of Steel.. Yes, this is co-dependence on a municipal scale! And guess what? His enemies know exactly how to open that lid. They use Superman’s issues against him every chance they get. Superman, and his Kryptonite… a modern mythos embedded in countless forms of literature.

Superman’s history is a fascinating study of post-industrial Western cultural expression. Um… what I mean is, the story of Superman has lessons for us all. In fact, that is the reason Superman exists! To provide a mirror for us mere mortals, that we might see ourselves as deeply powerful, capable, honest, fearless and true. And vulnerable.

Superman represents our Mighty Inner Selves, that ideal figure we so long to experience. You know it well… the one you are in touch with through your quiet inner voices, the misty images we allow to be present when we are alone, when no one is watching who might proclaim judgment.

My fellow Superheroes, here is our chance, the opportunity of a lifetime! Can you bring your greatest gifts to your Teams, to the people around you? What would result? How much more productive and aligned would you be?

Are you willing to face your Kryptonite?


David Ferrera

The Meeting Guy

Aka “The Mighty Phoenix!”

September, 2012