Only have a few hours, and need a Quick Reboot?


  • Two hour program packed with gold nuggets
  • Immediately usable skills
  • Decreases error rates, improves flexibility
  • Focus is on overcoming top-priority challenges
  • Customized to your group’s specific needs

This program is for you if:

  • A limited set of problems needs to be solved quickly
  • Previous tactics have fallen short
  • Operational flexibility is suffering
  • Your team needs focus
  • Your organization has not achieved the success you know is possible


    Select a program offer, then we co-design and customize a session perfect for your team!


    Meeting Facilitation

    Does your team need better meeting facilitation skills?
    • Meeting Planning
    • Running/Managing the Meeting
    • Session Review
    • Feedback Review


    Vision / Mission

    Does your team need to refresh its’ vision and mission?
    • Discovery interviews (up to three)
    • Discovery summary/agenda plan
    • Meeting
    • Session Review
    • Feedback Review

    Superheo Teams

    Do your team members need to remember their GREATNESS?
    • Discovery interviews (two)
    • Discovery summary/agenda plan
    • Team Building Toolkit Session
    • Session Review
    • Feedback Review