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I’m David Ferrera. I founded The Meeting Guy in 2005. I’ve facilitated meetings and strategic retreats for executive teams from the Sierra Club, the US Forest Service, the Yosemite National Institutes, the National Environmental Education Council, Black Rock City LLC (the Burning Man organization), and others. I also love working with my corporate clients, and have facilitated top teams for Birkenstock USA, Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and others.

My life’s purpose is to integrate the principles of ecology with profitable business decicions making.    I’ve been doing that for over 35 years.

In 1981, I began undergraduate work at the University of California and by 1985 had earned degrees in Environmental Studies and Economics.   And I’ve been at it ever since!

I am passionate about what is possible when people meet together!!   There is so much potential, such a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for organizations to harvest a greater yield, when people meet in the context of trust, honesty, and bold emotional intelligence.   

And that takes being BOLD.   I’ve heard people say that I’m a real-life Superhero, because I developed the Superhero Teams program which has been successfully delivered to teams from Genentech, Cisco Systems, and others.  Early in my career, I delivered software training across the U.S. and was a lead instructional designer for The Gap, the United States Coast Guard, and others.

I’m proud to be a Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy.   In 2011, I helped create a city-wide development plan for the future of Sebastopol, CA.  I am author of the Green Plan Leadership Guide for the Resource Renewal Institute.

I was awarded a Masters of Arts in Business degree, which is the equivalent of an MBA degree and includes a strong emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. I hold a Certificate in Organizational Development and Transformation, from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

And lucky me! I live in the Atascadero Watershed (Sonoma County, CA) with my best friend Cassandra and my amazing kids Ryan and River.


Healthy, dynamic, and invigorating meetings produce profitable, ecologically restorative business decisions.

Fabulous Family

We continue to be amazed by the growth and development of our Super Heroic River Serafina!

Ryan, at almost 17, is a force to be reckoned with. He shreds his college prep studies almost as hard as he shreds the electric guitar!  Or is that vice a verse?

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