Meeting Facilitation

The Mission Tune Up Program

  • Structured agenda
  • Enforced, consensus-building ground rules
  • Increased productivity in group negotiations
  • Decisions that solve problems, set direction and determine actions
The Meeting Guy - Meeting Faciliation - Planning Guide cover

Interested in starting a Meeting Facilitation session?!

Get a head start in the process and step through our planning guide. This will prepare you for the initial information call with The Meeting Guy.

This program is for you if:

  • Your meetings are perceived as a waste of time
  • Your meetings take longer than they should
  • Dominant individuals hijack or disrupt your meetings
  • Your meetings don’t produce desired results consistently

Design your Meeting Facilitation Program

Step One is to ask:   Do we need help with the following?

  1. path-line-rt-blueKeep our meetings focused on one item at a time, until clarity and next actions are attained.
  2. Regulate discussion flow so that everyone contributes powerfully.
  3. Deal with conflict and strong personalities safely, so that our meetings end on time.

In answering these questions,  your leaders begin to pull back the veil on what has been crippling effectiveness.  Your answers initiate a series of steps to get us in sync with you and the needs of your team. This process ends with a scheduled program planning call with The Meeting Guy where you can refine and book your meeting facilitation program.

Step Two:  Take a quick survey

path-line-lt-blue  Click the GET STARTED NOW button below to go to the Path To Success! form so you can provide logistics and  inquiry data about you and your team. This is approximately a 10 minute exercise designed to get you to describe your needs and define the intention of your session.

Step Three:  Put it all together

path-line-lt-blue-loopOnce you complete and submit the survey, you will be sent a link to our Teams That Trust ebook. This resource is designed to encourage you to explore more about you and your team while leading up to a program with The Meeting Guy.

Step Four:  Schedule a call

path-line-lt-blueWe will followup with you soon after your survey to schedule a planning call. We often utilize this time with you to give some quick tips and coaching on how to implement successful Meeting Facilitation skills.

“I wholeheartedly endorse his work and recommend him to other organizations making strategic internal changes.” “

Mark Armstrong – Executive Director, Public Banking Institute

“David Ferrera is among the top 5 facilitators I’ve ever seen “

David Rose, Founder – Unified Field Corporation

“David was respectful of our culture, he got us through our decision-making process, and we were very pleased with how we actually met our desired outcomes! “

Marily Mondejar – Founder &CEO, Filipina Women’s Network