Trust And Conflict

A Culture Tune Up Program


Trust is the first casualty in conflict.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

My Trust And Conflict model teaches you the skills and tools necessary to help optimize your responses to the inevitable experiences of unmet expectations, broken promises, and discarded agreements in your communities and workplaces.  

Unfortunately, as conflict escalates trust decreases, distrust increases, and deep pain is the result. 

Depending on your team and the situation you are in, that pain can occur as devastating costs to love, respect, time, money and/or your project or mission’s effectiveness.

Thankfully, The Meeting Guy has developed his model: Trust And Conflict to help intentional community groups, nonprofits boards, and business teams to navigate the sensitive and often dangerous domain where trust and conflict intersect.  

  • The first key to my model is:  Conflict is critical to trust.

Please use my booking form to learn more about Trust and Conflict and to schedule an call during which I will present the mediating effects of positive emotional arousal and self‐conscious emotions in the relationship between conflict and trust.

“I wholeheartedly endorse his work and recommend him to other organizations making strategic internal changes.” “

Mark Armstrong – Executive Director, Public Banking Institute

“David Ferrera is among the top 5 facilitators I’ve ever seen “

David Rose, Founder – Unified Field Corporation

“David was respectful of our culture, he got us through our decision-making process, and we were very pleased with how we actually met our desired outcomes! “

Marily Mondejar – Founder &CEO, Filipina Women’s Network