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“The activities lend themselves to some of the most challenging aspects of long term success. We have begun to pro-actively create solutions for keeping us a step ahead.”

Dana Levin, Store Leader, Whole Foods Market

“David helped us connect emotionally and bring back some of the generous spirit towards each other that we had lost over the years.  The workshop has already elevated morale and we are moving forward with actions on practical challenges.”

Fern Selzer PhD. – New Brighton Cohousing

“He helped us relax and get back to productivity. The Meeting Guy… That’s the perfect name for him! “

J.R. – District Ranger, USDA Forest Service

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Carbon Privilege, Carbon Supremacy Part II

If society can recognize the infinitesimally small window we are in, we may yet successfully embrace the urgency required for collective action.   Here in Carbon Privilege, Carbon Supremacy Part II, we continue to build the ramp towards recognizing how small our...

Carbon Privilege, Carbon Supremacy, Part I

You addict? Me addict. CARBON PRIVILEGE  Carbon Privilege! A term I coined to describe those of us who enjoy the immeasurably vast benefits of absurdly high carbon footprints. The proper noun, then, is “Carbonist”.  It’s easy to imagine your first meeting, right?...

Trust and Conflict Tool #1: Go First!

It's a wild ride, navigating this new era of sensitivity and awareness.  What are some of the practices you use for staying relaxed, healthy and productive, even as volatility increases?  Personally, I’m working on my humility. As a post-middle-aged Boomer Caucasian...

I Went Outside To Find An Answer

A question I hear from clients / peers:  Does my work in the world represent who I truly am?  I went outside to find an answer.  Standing in the darkness of Laguna Park, in the border between combustion engines and exothermic nightcrawlers, I search for myself.   The...

We NEED Meetings!

We Need Meetings!  Are you committed to generating a healthy future?    We need meetings to do that.   Me, you, us, them, we, I and You.  You need meetings!    Meetings that PRODUCE.  Meetings are where it...

How Intelligent Are Your Emotions?

“Keys to Emotional Intelligence in Organizations” The Meeting Guy supports corporate teams, nonprofit organizations, and intentional communities. Tool:  Emotional Intelligence Proficiency with emotional intelligence (EI) is an effective predictor for improving...

How To Handle Extreme Meetings, Part 2

"Every time you feel yourself being pulled into other people's drama, repeat these word: Not my circus, not my monkeys."  - Polish Proverb In my last article, we explored some basics qualities of Extreme Meetings.   We illuminated a pathway towards _always_ including...

High Impact Meetings

High Impact Meetings are easy to spot. They always have the following conditions: Significant impacts on individuals (Internal) Significant impacts on the organization (External) High impact meetings depend on more than great preparation and excellent meeting...

The Earth Is Alive

Parable goes: The butterfly lands in the 1,000-year old Sequoia and lives her entire life there.  (Approx. 5 days)  At the end of that time, she is asked:  "Is this tree alive?" and she giggles "Of course not silly, I've been here my entire life, and nothing has...

Discovery of Worth It

If you want to be on a winning team, if you want your organization to succeed, you'll need to develop your ability to discover your Worth It. A good place to start is your honest assessment of how you show up during business meetings. Are you in your power? Are you...

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