Break The Cage! Coaching

Are you almost ready to…

  • Experience more focus?

  • Do everything on your list?

  • Demonstrate your potential?

BTC! is for people who:

  • Know they want to make a difference
  • Aren’t expressing their full potential
  • Are unhappy with their current way of being
  • Sense it’s time for commitment and drive towards significant change
  • Feel out of balance and are ready to experience vitality, passion and real success
  • Don’t know what is next, or how to get there

Break the Cage has 3 steps:

  1. Identify your cage
  2. Practice new ways of being
  3. Measure progress and make adjustments

The Process:

  • Taps your inner power and passion
  • Examines forces that confound your potential
  • Highlights emotion as the fundamental element of success
  • Results in a comprehensive Breakthrough Plan (a life-long tool for self-empowerment)
  • Focuses on what’s working, clears obstacles and celebrates the wins

How does his Coaching work?

The Meeting Guy‘s coaching is unique in one fundamental way:
  The depth of masterful listening he brings to you.

In a world of too much, too fast, David coaches with quiet intensity and commitment.

It’s your turn to have a professional breakthrough.

Break the cage.

The Meeting Guy’s coaching helps you:

  • Clarify what you want
  • Identify what prevents you from getting it
  • Establish realistic goals with just enough stretch to be kind of be painful
  • Embrace your deepest values, and allow them to guide your actions
  • Create a clear, achievable plan for success
  • Stay focused, productive, and on track
  • Achieve breakthrough results, on time!

Come on… Break The Cage!

You can do this.

The Meeting Guy is not normal.   He’s really, really good.

Take a chance and change your life.   

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“The team building program created both immediate and long range positive impacts on our management staff.”

John Carlstroem. – Principal, Black Pine Circle School

“David’s expert facilitation brought forth a real team for our newly forming organization.”

Juls Bystrova – Operations Director, SBVC