Green Teams

The Bottomless Bottom Line Program

  • Build organizational Eco-Heroes!
  • Design pilot-projects to prove impact
  • Inspire and motivate employees
  • We Are LOHAS!  (Lifestyle of health and sustainability)

Experience the Bottomless Bottom Line

Get a head start in the process and step through our planning guide. This will prepare you for the initial information call with The Meeting Guy.

The Green Teams  Program is for you if you want to: 

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Focus on tackling tough problems using creative solutions
  • Create a culture of sustainability
  • Provide more meaning, do more good, and earn more profit

Design your Green Team!

Step One:    Do we need help with the following?

  1. path-line-rt-blueImprove our connections/status/PR/service for our local communities
  2. Organize outreach programs around environmental issues
  3. Achieve alignment between our company’s actions and our stated values

In answering these questions,  you will have begun moving towards a Green Leadership position in your industry.    But…. Why?  

There is ZERO question now:   Green organizations are more profitable, healthier places to work.  Improved commitment comes from your capacity to access the deepest values of staff and employees, and to give them a place to exercise those valuesin a meaningful way.   

Your answers will help The Meeting Guy specifically customize and book your Green Teams:  The Bottomless Bottom Line program.


Step Two:  Take a quick survey

path-line-lt-blue  Click the  GET STARTED NOW  button below to go to the Path To Success! form so you can provide logistics and  inquiry data about you and your team. This is approximately a 10 minute exercise designed to get you to describe your needs and define the intention of your session.


Step Three:  Put it all together

path-line-lt-blue-loopOnce you complete and submit the survey, you will be sent a link to our Teams That Trust ebook. This resource is designed to encourage you to explore more about you and your team while leading up to a program with The Meeting Guy.


Step Four:  Schedule a call

path-line-lt-blueWe will followup with you soon after your survey to schedule a planning call, to give some quick tips and coaching on how to implement successful Meeting Facilitation skills.  Or, simply click the Make An Appointment button above.

“The Meeting Guy is an asset to any organization that desires to have the process of group interactions well facilitated and space created for inspried collaboration.”

Susan Frank– Executive Coordinator, Fellowship for Intentional Community

“He kept a very diverse group, with multiple agendas and points of view, on-task by setting and maintaining the meeting pace and agenda “

Dickies Licensing Team – Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company

“He helped us relax and get back to productivity. The Meeting Guy… That’s the perfect name for him! “

J.R. – District Ranger, USDA Forest Service