A question I hear from clients / peers:

 Does my work in the world represent who I truly am?

 I went outside to find an answer.

 Standing in the darkness of Laguna Park, in the border between combustion engines and exothermic nightcrawlers, I search for myself. 

 The sounds from the distant street retching and demanded my attention. Simultaneously, the song of the blessed Laguna and her kin cast eerie omens.  Am I awake or dreaming? 

It’s nighttime.  Perhaps I’m supposed to stay asleep…  Why is it so dark out in the world, so dark inside my being, so often? I spin around, circles of my footprints chaotic and mesmerizing, weaving a path well-known by the Universe. 

 Grown man, yetstill a child trying to find my way.

 I ask the question: 

 Does my work in the world represent the person I most respect?

 As years pass, it becomes more challenging to calm the worried mind.  My clients describe that it becomes more and more important, if only for a few precious moments, to fully engage with the people we love most, our family and friends.  We need to embrace trusted mirrors, to help show us the way.


Let’s engage, right now.


 Imagine yourself scrambling up onto a summertime granite boulder.  Feel the sunshine on your face, feel the course grip of your shoes. The route to the top is difficult, dangerous. Dig your feet into the sharp crumbly walls, claw your fingers into the cracks, feel your balance waiver, your muscles unsure as you feel that pain, when your strength begins to shake. Feel the abrasions stinging through the skin of your hands, and the cold fear of 15 feet of air between you and the rocks below.  


 That’s what it’s like, when you are in touch with birthing your true professional self.

 My clients and community members often have big ideas, the kind of ideas that reflect who they truly are.  It is ALWAYS scary. Every time.  Each of us needs support in these moments of expression.

We GET TO MAKE IT up on top of that rock

We get to be in the sunshine, fully alive and ready to preach!  Ready to give birth! 

 How is it for you?  Do you really go through the labor, experience the struggle, feel everyone in the room cheering you on, shouting their urgencies for your idea being born? 

 Do you get the rush of invention, of deep profound service?

 Or do you FREEZE?

 Does your mind begin to move backwards, reaching and grasping for an escape route, somewhere you have already been that is more safe?   – – –  In those moments, we must ask:

 What to do next? 

 If you are unable to answer that question in the first five seconds, we need to talk.  Because that question is the second-most important question you will ever be asked.  

 The most important question you will ever be asked is

 What will you do NOW?

 You already know the answer. We’re on this rock together.  Let’s stay here for a moment.  Let’s allow ourselves to conquer our inner critics, and just BE. 

 Find your breath. 

 In this moment, you understand what motivates the greatest heroes that have ever lived.  

 Each person carries every bit of DNA, as well as all of the magic, which was present at the beginning of all creation.  I believe that each person has the capacity to generate vision, action, and connection necessary to solve the great problems of this world.

 We have what it takes to create paradise. 

 Paradise, our birthright!

– – –  Defined by justice, fairness, and sufficiency for all.

– – –  Defined by fun, dancing, equity, productivity, abundance, service, emotion, love, and self-respect, and respect for other.

– – – Defined by respect for all peoples, all creatures great and small. 

 We can be content in the knowledge that we are all in this together. 

If we will only be courageous enough to listen to one another, receive those true reflections, and be bold enough to declare:   “IWILL DO THIS THING!”  

 The Meeting Guy