Mortals always askin’:  “What does it take to be a Green Superhero?” and “Where can we find the clarity of conviction to change our daily patterns?”  The answer is often proclaimed from on-high:  “Yes!  The first step!!  Change yourself FIRST!” – And everyone applauds politely, wishing they could say that for themselves….  and so it goes.  We experience first-hand the de-evolution of conviction.  There is a real reason the applause is “polite”…  it’s “polite” because it’s subdued, or rather imbued with the milky malaise of hypocrisy.

Doh!  No you dint!     Yes, I did.

I called you out.  I called out each and everyone of us.  We ARE hypocrites.  And we will be, until we embrace the necessity of accelerating our personal growth.  Until we take the risk and instead of politely applauding, we offer applause with GUSTO!  Only then are we participating in a way that is of service.  After all, there is nothing enlightened about shrinking…

We need each other.  The Planet needs us.  The time is now.

But how can we help against such odds?  The first step is to embrace our inner demons.  Each of us must continually confront the nature of our own individual Kryptonite.  When we fail to do that, we become hypocritical in our relaxed, ‘let the other person go first’ stance.  Soon my friends, there will be no more firsts to go.  It will ALL be survival, and reaction.  That polite golf clap is a loud as the gong of doom, and we all participate in direct proportion to the grip our Kryptonite has on us.  Our Kryptonite is our inner voice of fear.  It is the seed of lethargy.  It is the cold veneer of ego, it is absolutely sinister, and its totally unique to each of us.

While its true that everyone’s Kryptonite will have generally similar characteristics, its also true that each person has an exquisitely personal reflective voice (or set of voices) in their heads, hearts and souls that prevent us from living up to our potential.  Prevents us from taking risks.  Keeps us accepting the status quo.  Makes a damn fine golf clap.

~ ~ ~  Take a chance, live with Gusto tomorrow  ~ ~ ~

The world is waiting…