The Quad

The Quad

You may have guessed by now:Yes, I’m part of a Superhero Team.There are four of us:Me (The Meeting Guy) Ericka (Ericka Americka) Cassandra (The Cosmic Waitress) and Eric (Super Stahh). We call ourselves “The Quad”.

Together we live and breathe a super heroic experiment:We explore what it means to live the depth, stability, and elegance of a cube.The metaphor serves us well.For example, only one side of a cube can be “the front” at any one time.Often, two sides will form an angle and in that more acute posture, two of us will have the lead.Occasionally two of us will be equally committed to leading, equally empowered and equally talented.In these more rare events, The Quad presents to the world a perfect 45-degree angle. More often, the distribution of leadership depends on how acutely committed any one leader is.Perhaps more remarkable is the stability of the base.No matter which side faces forward, no matter who is in the lead, we enjoy the same stable base.All four of us contribute depth and dimensionality.

As Everyday Superheroes, we are prone to take on monumental tasks.We are prone to say Yes, to rise to any challenge, to confront our Villains and embrace our Kryptonite! Everyday Superheroes hear the call and realize that living a life of integrity and accomplishment requires us to be truly great; to breathe deeply, stand boldly and give our gifts every day.

The Quad has arrived.  Call on us.  We will answer that call!

The Meeting Guy