Greetings Superheroes!

I’m a big fan of winter storms, the kind where huge grandmother fir trees bend and wail in the wind, and frozen rain gleefully descends to greet me.I’m a big fan of storm waves and fallow fields and the blind invertebrates doing their various tasks…the winter time offers pause and miracles and reminders of wild Nature and…. And its hard to admit that I’m also a big fan of Battlestar Galactica.Yes, the bane of all things natural eternal and sacred, the television has me wrapped around its fuzzy antennae, at least for this one show.

What is this Meeting Guy talking about? asks the weary reader.Well, as any B-Star fan knows, I’m talking about commitment.I’m talking about paying the price.Yes, viewing the show comes with a price:Fans are compelled to use the term “frack it” as often as possible.

And thank goodness!This simple phrase is the perfect remedy for so many situations.For instance, it provides an almost-legal way to express frustration. It can be used to suggest great emotion. Much more powerfully, saying “frack it!” indicates that a person has breached the choice point.For me, it means that I’ve scaled the rampart, and I’m ready.I’m standing on top of the wall, and it doesn’t matter how many orcs are down there scowling and firing arrows up at me… I’m going over the wall no matter what.It’s a particular, exhilarating experience, and hence it deserves it own title:I call this experience “The Frack It Point.”(FIP)

The FIP is elegant in its simplicity.It’s the cross-over dribble that leaves your defense standing dumb still and drooling as your higher self blasts past and exceeds your expectations, and theirs.It is so powerful because there is no going back, no retreat from the choice you have made.As most business leaders are loathe to admit, that is a very rare occurrence in organizations, especially their own.The FIP is appropriate during times of duress.For example, when your team is in the fourth quarter (or at the end of your project delivery schedule)and the clock is winding down, its is the best offense you can have.In other words, the FIP promotes greatness.

And, who are you not to be?I mean, what if you base the entire premise of your contribution on the Marianne Williamson’s quote?There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others around you won’t feel small.The question becomes:What does it take for you to be BIG?The answer from one popular Superhero:”When I commit to something but I don’t want to do it, I do it anyway.”

What happens in that moment, and how do we recreate it?How do we consistently achieve the FIP?Ask an Everyday Superhero.They’ll tell you it doesn’t take being stranded in an empty galaxy, desperate on a broken-down Battlestar.There are lessons to be learned from every episode at work…