Welcome to The Meeting Guy’s Blog!


We’re going to have some fun here together, some hilarious fun, along with learning, tools, insights and prognostications.


And… If you spotted this blog as a personalized, self-centered exercise, you’re correct.

I need to learn all the time, and this little message, this funicular ride through the hanging gardens of truth-blossoms and prickly information-age brambles, is a gift to myself.

It is also my offer to you, the teachers and the learners of the world.

What if we could identify the fundamental tenet of transformation in business? What if we could reduce it to one sentence?

“You learn best what you teach.”

Teachers and learners, learners and teachers in an ever-exchanging role-reversality of deals and no-deals. Every one of us leaning back on some personalized version of “I’m doing my best!” and then moving on to the next collision, or the next embrace.

All of us seeking the same thing: To feel good about ourselves. To profit. To express ourselves so others understand what we stand for. To live according to what we care about. To live according to our deepest values.

Have you had the following experience? Something happens. You recognize your part in it. You are aware of a pattern. You’re aware you’ve been in a similar situation before, probably often. Only this time you chose differently: You chose a strong, clear action.

And it works! Then, your inner voice says: I just learned something. I just learned a huge lesson!”

And now you have a secret.

It’s your secret. You get to carry it around with you as long as you like. It remains your secret until you share it…

So, share it! By talking about what you learned, you begin to know this lesson much more deeply than you ever imagined. You realize you have mastered that particular life experience! You know you have mastered it, because you can describe the learning and how you have changed, how you’ve grown. And, best of all, in talking about yourself this way, you realize you are being a contribution to others.

It’s one of the best feelings a person can have. And doesn’t it always come as sort of a lovely surprise? It’s a gentle, clear sense that says: “Oh Wow! I guess I really AM who I say I am. I’m powerful after all!”

When we’re truly in touch with our deepest values, we succeed. We contribute. We live clean, with no frayed edges.

I want that for everybody.

David Ferrera

The Meeting Guy

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