Our Gravensteins are falling.  The appricots too.  I amaware of the Life Force all around us.  Aware of the cycle that calls us into our full and rich potential here on Earth.

Be not afraid.  Villains occur in the smallest of places, like dark work-holes marring perfection.  I’ve learned to eat around the barriers, to taste what I have to give, what I have to take, and the calm that accompanies each true endeavor.

Our time to shine passes quickly.  Each day, each encounter reflects how much we notice, choose, and act.  This morning, I noticed the bountiful branches.  These apples, how do they know English?  I heard their whispers, and I crunched a few to make sure.

We get to flex our emotional muscles.  There is something greater than we imagine, supporting us to be Superheroic, to have the courage to face our fears, to embrace the wiggling worms for the lessons they have to give.

Onward to greatness!

The Meeting Guy