Executive Director:  A Humble Definition

The Executive Director is the individual responsible for the leadership of a nonprofit organization including managing staff, reporting to the Board of Directors,and overseeing financial, administrative, and program operations. Shapes and implements the mission of the nonprofit. Equivalent to the CEO or president of a corp.

Yeeah!  All of the pressure and responsibility of a CEO, on the salary of a car wash attendant!  (well, a highly placed car wash attendant…)

Just gotta love ’em, right?…    As a group, ED’s are modern day Superheroes.  Relentless, focused, results oriented.  Responsible for everything from fiscal oversight and fundraising to attracting new Board members, prioritizing information technology, and setting vision.  I mean, who wants to do that?

Turns out a LOT of people.  And that should give us great HOPE.  If I’m not mistaken, that song by The Band in 1975 was written for EDs…  it was titled “The Weight”.   and essentially, it was about delegation.

When many nonprofits might be experiencing indecision and “the blame game” during a time when confident leadership is most needed, we also witnessed effective, innovative Executive Directors who embraced the challenges posed by a recovering economy and engaged their boards in visioning and capacity building activities that led to volunteer leadership buy-in on the direction forward.

Let’s support the ED’s.  Who knows, that spot may be opening up soon…