One of my favorite all-time songs is Dylan’s “Comes A Time”.  The maestro shares a story of how he listened to the wisdom of a blind man:

“Comes a time, a blind man takes your hand, says ‘Don’t you see?  You’ve got to make it somehow on those dreams you still believe.  Don’t give it up, you’ve got an empty cup, only love can fill.  Only love can fill.”

Seeing my daughter rise into consciousness every morning, being witness to the sparkle of retinal electricity, bright lumens pulsing from the unimaginably deep history of time and space and creation…  all of the wars and deception and bonfires and chanting and laying close to stay warm, smiling moments of each eon have been distilled in River’s moving eyes.

Her ascent into consciousness reminds me to pay attention to my own heartbeat, to the sound of these falling rain drops, to the horizon line of my choice in the matter…

Thank you River, for showing me that I have all the strength necessary to go beyond my horizon, to the land of super effective superheros.

The Meeting Guy 102811