My daughter, River Serafina Ferrera, will be three years old in Feb. 2013.

Her birth was the most spectacular miracle I have ever witnessed.  In utero, she rested behind the membrane of Cassandra’s skin.  I was unable to touch her directly.  Yet, we touched each other soul to soul.  At her birth, she opened her mouth and for the first time cry out the ages, loud and clear and alive.  As alive as the Whooping Crane is still alive.  Still here.  Still here to remind us that extinction is forever.

Don’t be fooled by the Villains in your life.  All Superheroes band together to celebrate all life.  It is our duty and calling.  The beautiful creatures are going away, into the black void of eternity.

River deserves to know as many of them as possible.

C-level execs, take a breath.  Find your real courage.

Pull on your capes and make better choices.

The Meeting Guy