The science fiction of living in the year 2011 is actually ours to enjoy.  Yes Heroes, we live in a dream and its up to us to wake up and face this most important NOW.

“But what’s so important, Meeting Guy?  Why is this generation so different?”  The answer is clear.  Never before has the human race been in so tenuous a position, with so many mouths to feed, and so little Ozone left to protect us.  Or shall we look to the nuclear arsenal?  Yikes, no instead let us review distribution of toxic ground water plumes and… um no sorry don’t mean to scare you, let’s review temperate and tropical rain forest devastation related to the mass extinction of species or shall we look at wealth concentration based on the military-industrial/energy conglomerate?  and etc.

Are you getting the picture?  Because I’m not, not with undecipherable nano-technologies and gene-splicing powering the rampant overwhelming mono-crop driven top-soil eroding quality of our new American high fructose corn syrup diet.  Wait.  Sorry.  Its just that my parent’s generation didn’t face this much stress, this much global responsibility…   As my father passed away 2 short yeas ago, I was aware of the great loss of that simple set of notions:  Family first, then community and country.  Families at the dinner table together.  Weekends in the yard.  Movies that portray villains and heroes, yes… but absent of the cold-blooded callousness of aggrandizing violence for the sake of stature.

Prison was a last resort, a rare occurrence for outcasts.  Not the way of life for a huge percentage of the population that it is today.  Values were based closer in, less complicated wins and joys.  My parents could not have conceived of seeking joy in the pounding bass notes at a rave.   Nor could they have conceived of cutting themselves with razors to make a point.

We are on the edge of losing a whole ton of knowledge here, folks…. parents and grandparents that have stories of walking to the local hardware store to by enough jars to can the peaches.  That life is still available.  Today is a spectacular day!  And I’m choosing to write about what really matters to me.

first smile w Dad_smlr

Today is a day I am newly born.  Today I’m feeling the power of Birth again.

We can live together in peace, based on an ethic based in authentic simplicity.

It will take real heroes to help retain such high ideals.

The Meeting Guy  112411