Greetings Superheroes!

We are in this together, so buck up!

I know what it’s like to FEEL invincible, to look up towards a miraculous sunrise, rainbow of depth and awareness and take that purely individual breath that says:

“YES!  YES!  I am ready.”

I also know what it’s like to experience the usually-inevitable “next moment” during which fear, doubt, self-loathing, reason, practicality, historical evidence, and plain old depression overwhelm the pristine and glaze us over with the simple juices that are killing the world. We roll over like so many baked hams, eyes shining, grinning together with red steaming apples in our mouths. How warm and comfy! Oh yes, I am complicit. I am The Joker. I willingly mesmerize myself as the lid opens and the green Kryptonite glow draws my power away, again confusing the people who count on me to stay strong.

But wait! What if THAT is the essential lesson! That we’re in this together and every one of us experiences, nay is compelled to experience! The same destitution, the outright theft of the opportunity to give our greatest gifts. It’s so easy to see!Just look around and notice, today, how many of the people we call our closest allies are actually generating breakthroughs for themselves and thereby, for the world?

Who are you hanging around with? Who sees your Bat Signal? And most importantly…how conscious, how explicit, is your allegiance of trust and support?

How honestly will your closest peers call you into being?

How courageously will you call them into being?

From one fractured Superhero to another,

David Ferrera,  The Meeting Guy

August, 2012