The principles within Stoicism are relevant and practical for leaders, managers, teams, and entrepreneurs of all kinds.   Why?

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 Stoics focus on answering two questions:

  1. How can we lead a fulfilling life?
  2. How can we become better human beings?

Stoics seek to attain inner peace by overcoming adversity, practicing self-control, and being conscious of impulses.

More deeply, Stoics realize our “ephemeral nature” or the relatively short time allotted to our lives.

It’s vital that we understand the obstacles that we face and not run from them.

The question is:  How do you ideally handle challenges and obstacles?

As team players, it’s vital that we learn to accept obstacles as learning opportunities, and actively turn them into quick-burning fuel to feed the fire of our success.

With your partner, have this discussion:

Can you call yourself a “Stoked Stoic”?  Why or Why Not?