Green Teams

Full Details

  • Clarify program investment and ROI
  • Set GREEN direction and priorities
  • Define targets critical to your team
  • Define targets important to your local community
  • Improve GREEN response-readiness
  • Engage and leverage staff and employee commitment

The Meeting Guy team follows a three-step process for our

Green Teams:  The Bottomless Bottom Line Program

  1. Scope
  2. Design
  3. Facilitate



Scope is primarily comprised of listening:  Our Pre-Program scope process includes powerful listening, to your community, your organizational leaders, your staff, and your internal and external supply chain members.  

The work begins immediately:  During your  very first phone call,  a TMG Facilitator will explore a series of deep, honest, and revealing discovery questions with you and your leadership team.



Next, we work with your leadership team to collaboratively design the draft Green Teams:  The Bottomless Bottom Line program flow,  including purpose, intended results, known issues, known disablers, along with a customized set of variables specific to your team and its’ needs.

During the design phase, we go straight to the core of performance by focusing on the following sixGreeen Teams success factors:

  1. Leadership
  2. Investment
  3. Priorities
  4. Accountabilty
  5. Impact
  6. Employee Engagement

We will also distribute an broad-scale survey which solicits critical data necessary to identify specific hidden or “underground” issues which may prevent your organization from functioning up to its fullest potential.

Your Bottomless Bottom Line program will focus on motivating staff/employees to deliver real, measureable GREEN results! 


The Meeting Guy has an organizational commitment to being GREEN.

We bring that commitment to our customized Facilitation of the Bottomless Bottom Line program, with the goal of attaining the following GREEN OBJECTIVES;

Green Objectives:

  1. Deliver skills to achieve real results
  2. Motivate full staff participation
  3. Identify green pilot projects
  4. Advance your organization into larger Green projects
  5. Reduce operation and maintenance costs
  6. Demonstrate innovation and community cohesion

    Green Benefits:

    • Improve financial performance
    • Improve company image
    • Increase staff/employee commitmetn
    • Enhance talent recuriting protential

    Our Green Teams:  Bottomless Bottom Line program provides tools to allow staff to organize, manage, and substantiate/record/document the envirnomental and sustainabilty initiatives in your organization.

    The BONUS for everyone?  Your local communities get to know your organization as their ally!

    Beyond the green business challenge, we help create a growing culture and identity around sustainability and environmental stewardship within your organization .