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E.D.’s: You Can Rely On Emotional Intelligence!

Executive Directors:  You Can Rely On Emotional Intelligence! As a responsible (i.e. harried…) leader of a nonprofit organization, it’s time you learned to cultivate your emotional intelligence!  In so doing, you will impact the performance of staff  volunteers and...

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Innocent Life Related To Extinction

My daughter, River Serafina Ferrera, will be three years old in Feb. 2013. Her birth was the most spectacular miracle I have ever witnessed.  In utero, she rested behind the membrane of Cassandra's skin.  I was unable to touch her directly.  Yet, we touched each other...

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Blind site, hind site

One of my favorite all-time songs is Dylan's "Comes A Time".  The maestro shares a story of how he listened to the wisdom of a blind man: "Comes a time, a blind man takes your hand, says 'Don't you see?  You've got to make it somehow on those dreams you still...

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Birth of a Super Hero

The science fiction of living in the year 2011 is actually ours to enjoy.  Yes Heroes, we live in a dream and its up to us to wake up and face this most important NOW. "But what's so important, Meeting Guy?  Why is this generation so different?"  The answer is clear. ...

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