Meeting Facilitation

The Mission Tune Up Program!

  • Clarify mission, vision, values
  • Set direction and priorities
  • Define objectives, roles, responsibilities
  • Improve response-readiness
  • Increase fund-raising capacity
  • Enhance financial management systems
  • Improve trust

Does Your Organization Need a Mission Tune Up?


Meeting Facilitation:  Full Day  or Half Day

Half Day / Full Day  (nonprofit discount available)

For our Meeting Facilitation program,  we interview selected members of the senior team/Board, as well as a cross-section of staff from all levels of the organization.

We define what leadership is doing well, and where leadership may be falling short.

Our process helps define structures / cultural qualities that erode your organization’s capacity to fulfill its mission.  Then we help you build your solution set.

The Meeting Guy’s facilitation methodology strips away emotional chaos to focus on common goals and values. We will guide the team to assess the deeper, subtle elements of your communication styles and culture, so that your team will be better equipped to deal with conflict and communication challenges as they arise.

We review operations, communications, and cultural practices.  Then, we relate them to measurable outcomes and surface the challenges standing in your way. The result is more enthusiasm and commitment from senior leadership and staff, and an enhanced capacity to fulfill your Mission. Our approach includes an assessment of what we at The Meeting Guy call the “Mission Killers”.  The “Mission Killers” are:

  • Leadership is ambiguous, unsupportive
  • Culture lacks trust, safety
  • Culture tolerates mediocrity
  • Team members have poor interpersonal skills (lack of empathy, lack of boundaries)
  • Team members lack technical skills necessary to succeed



The Meeting Guy team follows a three-step process for our Meeting Facilitation Full Fay program:

  1. Scope
  2. Design
  3. Facilitate


In our view, Scope is primarily comprised of listening:  Our pre-meeting design process includes powerful listening, to your organizational leaders, to staff and other key stakeholders, to understand your organization’s culture, the current situation and desired outcomes for your meeting.


We then design exciting, achievable objectives and a comprehensive agenda to address those needs and outcomes. We ask for preliminary feedback from you and others on your team to ensure that participants won’t be spending costly time defining issues; this means that your retreat will focus on producing results, building performance systems and making commitments and action plans for post-event.


  You will be in good hands!  The Meeting Guy facilitators guide your day-long meeting so participants can concentrate on achieving goals and solving problems. During the meeting, we will foster an interactive environment in which participants openly discuss issues and work on collaborative solutions. The results are stunning, and include improved alignment, increased Trust, better communication and more cooperation. All of our meetings include the facilitator’s capacity to emphasize, capture and document key ideas and priorities so we can create a useful post-event report.  


  • Structured agenda
  • Enforced, consensus-building ground rules
  • Increased productivity in group negotiations
  • Decisions that solve problems, set direction and determine actions

This program is for you if:

  • Your meetings are perceived as a waste of time
  • Your meetings take longer than they should
  • Dominant individuals hijack or disrupt your meetings
  • Your meetings don’t produce desired results consistently

Half Day – 4 Hours

Per Session

  • Meeting Planning
  • Meeting
  • Session Review

Full Day – 4-8 Hours

Per Session

  • Meeting Planning
  • Meeting
  • Session Review
  • Feedback Review

“David’s meeting facilitation skills, especially during the challenging pre-meeting planning sessions, is an asset to any organization looking for improved collaboration and meeting flow. “

Dickies Marketing Team

“David was actively involved in the pre-meeting process of developing theme, content and flow. His presence and many contributions were vital to the overall success of the Retreat. He kept a significantly energetic group on-task by setting and maintaining the meeting Agenda. “

M. Penn – SVP, Direct Channel / Intl. Sales – Dickies Marketing Team

“We were impressed by his
calm, centered approach to group facilitation, his manner of being so
caring and attentive, as well as his warmth and sense of humor. “

Molly Reed – Programs Director, The Art of Community